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Snow Removal | Commercial & Residential

Removing the snow around your house is probably the toughest job you have to do. River Stone Masonry will do all the hard work. We will clean your driveway and the major walkways of your property spreading (upon request only) a special kind of salt that won't damage them. Our fleet of snow plows work during the night so you can have clean and safe access to the street.
(please note that in some cases we have to wait until the storm is over)

Foundations for Room Additions, Concrete Floors & Garage Concrete

For those adding a room, we set up and pour new foundations using correct PSI strength in the concrete. It is of the upmost importance that the integrity of your concrete be met. Anyone can claim to be a contractor and pour concrete. Be aware of the preparation involved, proper soil preparation, including the moisture content of the soil. We use all top-of-the line products and have been pouring concrete for 12 years. Our pricing will comfortably fit within your household budget!.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are built for a variety of purposes including slope management, drainage and erosion control, and aesthetic reasons. A retaining wall can help define a flowerbed or can be incorporated with a drainage system to prevent erosion and control water flow on slopes. Retaining walls can be constructed out of a variety of materials including concrete, natural stones, timber, or blocks. At Riversone Masonry, we have experience designing and constructing stone walls of all shapes, sizes and styles. Whether you need a small two-foot retaining wall or a massive 300-foot long and twelve-foot tall retaining wall, we can handle retaining wall projects of any size.

Concrete Patios, Porches, Entry Walks & Sidewalks

RiverStone Masonry is deeply experienced in all phases of concrete flat work as well as stamped and colored concrete design. From everyday ordinary concrete to the creation of any structures, we’ll meet your needs and budget. We provide concrete restoration, the removal of old, damaged concrete and/or the installation of new concrete. A decorative concrete porch can be part of a stunning entry way to a residence. At some homes, the entry or front porch can be built larger than normal to create places to sit or gather to talk. Steps can feature stamped concrete and raised flowerbeds can be tooled to match the flatwork’s stamped patter.


Constructing a set of steps requires a lot of patience. There is a lot of figuring required and you definitely can’t be in a hurry when you build them. The key to successful steps is having uniform vertical and horizontal increments. The vertical distance in a set of steps is known as a riser while the horizontal part that you step on is known as a tread. As you walk up a set of steps your body subconsciously trains itself to lift your legs the correct height and distance as you climb. Therefore, if your risers and treads are not uniform it creates awkward footing which can lead to dangerous falls. The next time you climb a set of steps please take a minute to appreciate the amount of hard work and figuring that went into their creation!


We build fireplaces in New England including : custom stonework, brick installation, indoor/outdoor fireplaces. We also build fire pits. Riverstone masonry is a great New England fireplace contractor. We build and install all types of fireplaces, indoor and outdoor. We also fix fireplaces! Unlike some other fireplace installation companies we provide prompt customer service and great quality of work. Our services include full restoration and renovation of custom stone fireplaces brick fireplaces and tile fireplaces.

Concrete Driveways & Decorative Concrete

Driveways have become a style statement for homeowners and greatly enhance of a home. No job is too small for RiverStone Masonry. We can replace your old concrete driveway or we can help you design a new driveway that will compliment your landscaping. We are experienced with stamped concrete and colored concrete driveway installations. We offer a wide selection of colors and stamp designs.


We are specializing in building and repairing chimneys in New England for over 12 years! Chimney and Brick are practically our first and last name. We build following types of chimneys in New England: roof chimneys, side chimneys, brick chimneys, stone chimneys. We fix chimneys at great price! We build new chimneys in Chicago at great prices!

Bobcat services

One of the most important factors with maintaining any landscaping is drainage system. A poor drainage system can cause serious and harmful damage to areas of your property. Riverstone Masonry offers New England residents with our bobcat service. Our aim is to help you in improving the drainage system in your property using our bobcat without destructive measures that could hurt your property. With our bobcat services available to all residents, you can now expect a fast, highly-efficient, and flexible excavation services.